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Herpa 11-12 new releases
The Herpa new releases for January - February 2015 are now available for pre-order with 5% discount!
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Qantas Boeing B747-400 "Australian Grand Prix"
Qantas Boeing B747-400 "Australian Grand Prix"
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Tupolev Let's See What We Have Here
  Manufacturer  Model  Product Name+  Price  Buy Now 
 Aeroflot Technik Museum Sinsheim Tupolev TU-144D  Herpa Wings 1:500  523080   Aeroflot Technik Museum Sinsheim Tupolev TU-144D  24.95  Buy Now : 
 Aeroflot Tupolev TU-114 (1970s colors)  Herpa Wings 1:500  526487   Aeroflot Tupolev TU-114 (1970s colors)  26.95  Buy Now : 
 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev TU-134A  Herpa Wings 1:500  517638   Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev TU-134A  16.95  Buy Now : 
 S7 Airlines Tupolev TU-154M - RA-85687  Herpa Wings 1:500  524957   S7 Airlines Tupolev TU-154M - RA-85687  22.95  Buy Now : 
 Syrian Air Tupolev TU-143B-3 - YK-AYE  Herpa Wings 1:500  524988   Syrian Air Tupolev TU-143B-3 - YK-AYE  18.95  Buy Now : 
 Transaero Tupolev TU-214 - RA-64549  Herpa Wings 1:500  526678   Transaero Tupolev TU-214 - RA-64549  22.95  this item is available for pre-order 
 Tupolev TU-114 "Christmas 2011"  Herpa Wings 1:500  518772   Tupolev TU-114 "Christmas 2011"  25.95  Buy Now : 
 Ural Airlines Tupolev TU-154M  Herpa Wings 1:500  500265   Ural Airlines Tupolev TU-154M  16.95  this item is not in stock but you can still order it 
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01.Ural Airlines Tupolev TU-154M
02.Transaero Tupolev TU-214 - RA-64549
03.Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev TU-134A
04.Tupolev TU-114 "Christmas 2011"
05.Aeroflot Technik Museum Sinsheim Tupolev TU-144D
06.Syrian Air Tupolev TU-143B-3 - YK-AYE
07.Aeroflot Tupolev TU-114 (1970s colors)
08.S7 Airlines Tupolev TU-154M - RA-85687
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